Friday, September 24, 2010

BB Gun

New York's unofficially dubbed "surf week" being that the city is hosting the New York Surf Film Festival jumping off this weekend, was kick off proper with Hurricane Igor blessing the right coast with blue skies, offshore winds, and most importantly over head surf. If your in town this weekend stop by the Tribeca Cinemas and catch a show, a buzz, or tunes...

Some Igor recap... stated best by Miss Holiday

Photo: P. Sher

photo: HA

F.O.B. Brian Bulkley's for those looking to "step-up" their big wave game...
6'8, 6'10, 7'0, & 7'2... depends on how much you're looking to "step - it- up"...

... signed permission slip from your parent or guardian and big wave resume must be present for purchase.

12- 8 daily.

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