Monday, September 27, 2010

No Beavertails

As the season turns and a crispness takes to the air, it's time again to start thinking of your neoprene needs...

...for the ladies and gents, we have Patagonia R2's in stock

...and men's R3's

...Malloy Brother endorsed Merino Wool inside suit construction

... R3 cap and gloves, R4 split toe booties

... Men's Xcel X-Zip 3/2MM

... Xcel Drylock 3/2MM with new WRF a.k.a. water resistant fiber technology

...Xcel Drylock 5/4MM

...Xcel 7MM mittens, 2MM cap, and 3MM booties.

... 12- 8 Daily.


dorado said...

That pendo keel looks legit , mine went sick at Impossibles ,Bingin and on the smaller days at G land ( which were still OH ) some one snatch that up in solid waves with a nice wall pendo keels cover more ground and reach unheard of speeds!!!!

Mr. Lentini said...

yes beavertails

Toddy said...

I tried out my brand new Malloy self-loved R3 today in the goodness of Long Beach dying head high funnies. A bit think for this weather yet, had my sweat on a little. But it was easy to get on and easy to get off and moved well. Now, when is that Andreini coming so I can be all shiny and new all around?