Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rake Leaves

Grey Ghost kustom 6'6 channel-bottomed Parmenter/Kidman-inspired hand-painted by J.W. Clams and finished by Fawess, Petro and Co. via Becker's Nature's Shapes factory. Tuff respect and thanks to all involved...

Petro with kustom 7'10 'Rockaway Gun' for Underground Lobster Pound Ben. Probably the biggest board he's shaped! Next level yo, wait til the Doc Lausch fun-gun set peep this!

Ben in light and lobster

Kustom CC Glider for Miki Blackpool

BP ducking out but it's not his board

Not my board yo

Swiss SEB and kustom Cafe Racer

Al Pez and kustom C-Bucket

La Nonna time!

Whiteread Allen Spellbind Paulie enjoys

Italian pastries courtesy of a man with a french last name, Monsieur Roche

Don't forget the canoli!

HBobby Birdman in the area, what up son?

Freddie Mansfield sent this one from somewhere in New England

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Higher Heights


AC said...

It ain't christmas without vaniero's figs in camaroland.

ShipwormAndGribble said...

figs alla venereal!