Friday, March 26, 2010

Sagacity City

International Art Expo over in Hell's Kitchen where 'laminator to the stars' Greg Webster had a project on display involving legendary California shapers Steve Pendarvis, Hank Warner, Tom Eberly, Jim Phillips and Steve Gosnell...

Webbie, Eberly twinnie and Mr. Logan

Pendo action! (Ten-Four On That)

Asymm edge board with one rail thicker than the other, riffing off some-things John Liddel and Stephen Lis shaped and Bunker Spreckels surfed during those critical NB years. Part paipo, part Brancusi and seriously next level...

Another replicated experimental finless craft from Pendo and kustom thruster

Has he been shaping longer than Skip Frye?

The asymm thing has been around longer than most of us

Yo Australia, channel bottom single fin!

Tom Eberly diamond tail glass on fun-thruster

Venice represent

An RI fave

Cooling out after the Expo at Gallo Nero, 44th and 9th...

Is this sheep?

Webbie reppin calamari and a True Ames tee. Word, those meatballs are as good as they look!

For Vin Fontana

The female James Dean

For CW

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Mick said...

I'd love to have sen that board exhib. Thanks for sticking it up Mike.