Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Than Before

Seeeeeek solo 'qualifying series' sesh Sunday morn at an otherwise heavily localized beachie, where even people like Andrew Manchild get burned by 'locals.' Meet ya at Church/Temple next weekend...

Stephen Lis fish from 1970, the notorious 'Apricot' which was shaped, glassed, finned and sanded by The Fox himself. (Pic courtesy of Cher Pendarvis)

Cher and aforementioned Lis fish as foto'd by Scott Sullivan

HB Charles showing off some backhand gaul!

Forest Hills sloooowwww brisket courtesy of FH/MA Neil

La Parma 3 featuring Tony Danza, Deborah Gibson and Joe Torre...

The fresh muhtz!

Don't forget the stuffed mushrooms, they're good so you know what that means....ya have to make them every-single-time!

Eggplant Parma 3 w/trees styles

Rigatoni alla Vodka which certain Sicilians disprove of b/c vodka should be drunk, not eaten. Bubbie approved...

Chicken Scarpiello rumoured to be 'better than the scarp at Bamonte's' but you didn't hear it from anybody Irish...

The importance of snowmen in front of beer gardens

Ongoing Spike Lee review: still doing the right thing with $1.50 slices (circa Another Summer)

A Downbound train


HA said...

Hey, Sal, how come they ain't no brothas on the wall?

Cornielus Blackpool said...
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Rude said...

Turn around Andrew!

Tony D - Bensonhurst Represent!

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