Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fun With Snakes

Few believers on the Sunday Sabbath, Tom Parrish was three of them...

Five Fynn gone four


North of 14th

Wackies legends Prince Douglas, Junior Delahaye and Jerry 'Hitsler' Harris were on WKCR discussing the roots of NYC reggae with Carter Van Pelt and can be heard HERE. Pix courtesy of Dubstar who was asked to bring records and document

JH, PD, JD tuffer than TUFF!

Movie Show 70's style

Dubstar, Jerry Harris, Prince Douglas, Junior Delahaye and Bigga Mention

Delahaye signs JJ another crucial Wackies player who's still holding it down

Prince Douglas and Louis Armstrong chair, top enJAHnear top RESPECT!

Jerry Hitzler on the line
Bigga Mention and Carter Van Pelt at the controls

Milton and friends

Yeah Yeah Yeah Tyler Healy's new thang (NC-17)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAINT FRANCIS McBOROS! Homeboy still surfs/is at the beach more than anyone who isn't on the WQS (although Funboarder Fynn is closing in)

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pushingtide said...

Reggae all day.

Lucker fuckers those NY heads are.