Saturday, January 2, 2010

Basement Session Or Do Something Else

Yo yo yo welcome to twenty ten where we be blazing more cutties than Funboarder Fynn!

Germans believe that eating pork on New Years is good luck. They also believe that not making eye contact while toasting will result in seven years of really bad sex. Some might say bad sex is better than no sex but they're probably not German.

And so after 3 months of gracing/distressing the United States of America with his LC presence and catching an unusual number of bagel barrels Mr. On-the-Run Kidman has returned to The Country where he'll be working on a new film and shaping glasser's nightmares. Tuffest of the tuff respect to the legendary Manchild

Taking the P out of HB. Why are your movies so dark? They're not yo, they're about the light...

FM Bourgeois snapped this pic of Mark Petrocelli sanding the channels of a Kidman-shaped/Parmenter-inspired widow-maker. Next level 2010, the 2-plus-1 crew been warned!

Fattening food blog action for Sprite to massage his face with
'Eggs a la Laurel' serious yo this ain't cantaloupe (without a ladder son)


Mr. Lentini said...

two plus one crew represent! I got some food blog action going on over at the headquarters. Sprite my daughter still thinks you smell funny the day you pretended to be MR.Lentini

Mills Herman said...

2010 New Years Resolution:

Look for more side boob.
Eat less side of D.

Mills Herman said...

She thinks I smell? I'm never holding her hand again when we cross the street.

Franco S. Boroughs said...

if the city of long beach had a mayoral post no one other than Sprite would be more appropriate for the post unfortunately hes gonna have to settle for the dining room at the laurel instead

aa said...