Thursday, January 28, 2010

They Come Around From Downtown

Mental Dirty Jerz sesh on Tuesday, a few for all those hating from the shoulder. Nobody out, everyone must've been on Facebook...

Mad overexposed like the Superbank, Rincon or Jeffreys

RK missed the sesh too, he was busy installing windows for other people to peer into...

Billy Turns and 5'10 Rainbow dialer about ta blaze some more

The Emperor Tamarin and 6'9 jus d'orange Bonzer

RM and kustom Vaquero action

Chris Van Gogh and 5'8 Rainbow

For the Club Roll Crew


Happy kustomer in semi-action

Drunken Beef

Drunken Pork

For 44 and other mysterious strangers...

7 comments: said...

this just made me smile

Rude said...

Brooklyn has soul, real people, and special characters.

Andrew Kidman said...

is that rob machado?

Kyle said...

Straight Edge Revenge!!!

AshHole said...

A boy
A girl
A love story
Why'd it have to end in misery
aking our chances, getting our thrills..
Taking and taking but never getting our fill.
And this is what I see.
A modern love story.
Love defined on our TV.
Telling us, teaching us what we need.
Are we in love or just so alone,
That we´re looking for anyone to hold?
When the prey is caught, the thrill gone,
So we´ll switch partners and move along.
And we won't use our brains,
Because our lust is too strong.
Overlooking the person to whom the body belongs.

Mr. Lentini said...

Im as straight as the line that you sniff up your nose

kelsea said...

awesome post!