Friday, January 8, 2010

Back Online

Ill aloha from mysterious friends...

Damon Lover came thru with these gun raising shots of the Dirty from that last swell. Serious action and swimming skills yo...

Consafos Kirk sent this from what I believe was a New Year's/Anniversary party!?!? Foto looks like it was taken 64 years ago!

New Year Aloha from Cher and Mr. Pendo who've been keeping it real for longer than most of us have been alive! Still holding it down in 2010...

Marcello Macchiato casting a smile/cross on Jim Carroll's old apartment and place of death, Manchild left a snowball on the windowsill. Mad ghosts on that block...respect!

Tuff aloha from Brando as researched by Francis McBaggins

Onetime china!

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