Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Because I Think You'll Understand

Micro-Ant Neil called while I was enjoying the aforementioned/much dissed pastrami on a club roll. He asked what I was eating and was thoroughly upset with my response, wanting to know the first and last name of the person who paid for the sandwich and where they were born (Short Hills, NJ). A native Brooklyner now residing in Queens and rumored to be a first round NBA draft-pick, M.A.N. proceeded to write Katz's off as a 'shonda' and 'fake Jewish deli' because they don't serve tongue.

Since the sambo was a gift from a friend, let's call him Cornworth, I tried to overlook this questionable faux pas. I joked that he drove past Rye daily on his way to work in Connecticut where WASP's were probably influencing his decision making skills. Later that night (a Friday) he responded with, 'shabbat shalom' which roughly translates as 'Happy Sabbath, you're getting laid tonight.'

However, on Monday morning Cornworth sent this:

Been thinking about it all weekend. I think I went with the right choice on the club roll. You go with rye if you are going to eat the sandwich right away, rye does not travel well and would get soggy given the high moisture content of the savory wet beef. Savory wet beef.

MA Neil did some writing over the weekend too:

Yesterday's mission to the UES was extremely successful. Pastrami Queen numbah one! No photos because we were too busy eating. Try to avoid lunchtime. It's around the corner from Lennox Hill, and all the staff eat there. Be prepared to drop some ducats. Kosher meat is expensive. And don't try to order any dairy (cheese, egg cream, etc.). Just wear your yarmulke and pretend you're home.

Yesterday's Damage:
-Center cut tongue on seeded rye.
-Hot pastrami on seeded rye.
-Health salad.
-Macaroni salad (Patricia got that... Italians can't stay away from their macaroni)
-Epic fries.
-DB's Black Cherry
-DB's Cel-Ray

The best in the city!!! And for all the nay-sayers... Go back to eating ham on wonder bread, and leave the pastrami to the experts...

Pastrami Queen
1125 Lexington Ave at 78th Street

- M.A.N.


Mills Herman said...

I once saw fabolous walking out of Katz with a bag full of sandwiches, getting into his Bentley.

ShipwormAndGribble said...

Apparently he lives in ODIL