Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Esoteric Nepotism

Killer surfy vibes last nite at the Present pre-screening party, the Mattson's played two extended sessions and got radder by the minute. The 7 and 9pm screenings tonight are sold out however an 11pm one has been added!

Johnny Mattson behind the kit and in front of the Hard Body

NEW Mattson 2 cd in the shop! (Brazilian dough sold separately)

Cookie Alex and kustom CC log

Ex-Columbo team rider The Militant One lookin fairly faded or just lookin for his beer?

Swedish Bisque probably has the best DVD collection in all of Europe!?!? Dons Wrangler too, what what?

Honorary Uptown Believer PBONES nursing a few broken ones inna positive shaka style. Rollin in the Bonnie with egg sambos on the way to the shorey...Stay up brutha man!

Dubstar left his homework at the shop which is almost as good as the dog eating it. As a result we're holding a sweeps, the first person to solve the equation gets a free bar of wax!

Hermann Vache hiding in the greens

Where Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan

Duck-dives in Nature

Daddy Daycare (Uptown Version)

Amongst friends


Misty Morning!

Fortune: If there is no wind there will be no wave.

-Full runs of rubber by XCEL and Patagonia, boots, gloves, caps and poly-pros to help get ya shred on!
-Giant Robot re-stocks:
*Margaret Kilgallen - In the Sweet Bye & Bye
*Barry McGee - Things are Getting Better
*Thomas Campbell - Sing Ding Aling


Deepism said...

My Name is, uh, "JA ONE"...

Shipworm&Gribble said...

gots to be careful with Mom's camera!

wailakihawk said...

The answer to the homework problem is x=-b+/- the square root of b squared - 4ac divided by 2a.