Friday, April 24, 2009

An Angel Moves Too Fast To Sea

A massive Patagonia order arrived yesterday! Full run of R3 and R4 fullsuits, boots, gloves, caps along with R1 jackets and vests for men and women. Men and women's boardshorts too, wet/dry packs and Gilligan hats! As a result (and since space is tight) we're blowing out our Nine Plus rubber, select tees, hoodies and Ohana/Locals. Who says we never have sales?!?!?

RK sent this asking whether Consafos Kirk already had.- 'Tuffness inna Majestic Style'

Toddy sometimes Sonny from San-O

Inside a street quesadilla...

The Mini Guinea and FM Counties smacking sambos

Petro with part of his lunch after throwing it a passerby and having it thrown back! Dope shot...

Shady Hollahide in the area! New GROM design referencing Maya Hayuk...

...based off this

Rhys Chatham LIVE at the Met 2nite

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Toddy said...

That was a fun day at SanO. Didn't stay out too long. Fresh off the plane with NY 3monthlong workbinge legs.
Sorry I missed the party last night for sure. Can't wait to see pics.