Friday, April 3, 2009

Champs Delay

Maximun Radness over the weekend in Jerz

Some freshness from Moonlight and Josh Hall

6'1 Josh Hall quad w/glass on Daniel Partch fins

7'11 Josh Hall long fish Simmons w/glass on DP's...$OLD TO TRENT!

HB lurkin'

9'6 Josh Hall loggggggg w/fin box, San Diego anyone?

A beautiful and barely used 7'6 Andreini Vaquero, ($OLD TO DURAN DURAN)

Central Trent stopped by with his 6'9 Skip Frye long fish that will most likely never be for sale but still fun to look it.

Eric from Axxe Wetsuits in town, in session...

Who is that masked Grandma?

NEW Surfers Journal arrived and is doper than usual. Top notch tales by Greenough on Sharks, Ahrens on A.C. Ekstrom, Witzig on North Shore '76, Tmoe's The Present, Clark Little's beyond mental in the shorey photography and this foto of a young Post Grom reppin' the LBC...

Postgrom fotos Clambo while Ty K. Williams assists

the American BK

Tino Vinto in Monster Island camo

FM and Sambo for Deebow

Fish Brotherhood

Cool one day...

Tuff the next

Mark E as seen thru the fin of a 50/50 Hansen

Uptown Believers on Palm Sunday

Washington HighBridge

Another one for Deebow the Food Blog Critic...Pizza from Upstate Endicott, foto courtesy of Eldos Audio*

Jacques Detergent LIVE at Death By Audio!

Bad Brilliance


cburns said...

Long fish must die! 6' or under ..... please.

Shipworm&Gribble said...

don't you mean 5'5 - 5'8 for the golden triangle ratio?

Kyle said...

That post is a lot to digest... wow... the "Style" piece looks like it's by West, eh? Cecster is rockin some ill styles... Long live the long fish, and sub sixers as well...

AC said...

smoking rights and deviant ducks...a weekend and a week to remember.

sinned said...

Food Blog Respect! Dope chow in the shorey!

Alexandro said...

I'm still dreaming on that GHanel bonzer...

bob said...
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Mr. Lentini said...

axe wetsuits and s&m gear its good to see the two coincide--anyway long live longfish