Friday, April 10, 2009

Closed for the Ascension

So much for that barely used Vaquero. Duran Duran came in at noon and really, really did not want to ''blogged'' as he put it. Although his wonderful wife who gets foto'd for a living put him up to it...

Jah Bless, Willis and a 6'3 JH quad....Maximum HB!

Cameron found this in a dumpster in La Jolla. Some guy walked by and asked where he found it. ''The dumpster and I think Rusty shaped." Some guy's response, "Yeah, I did shape that one!" Sorry Sonny this one ain't for sale...

USED 5'9 Fineline GeeBee ($450). ''An under your feet displacement hull''

Johnny HA keepin it half Italian, half German and all HB

OJ dropped off copies of the NEW Golden Triangle LP on Mexican Summer. Strawberry 'jobs for everyone!

More from the North

You're Rad, She's Rad, Max Rad!

Happy Easter/Passover to all. We will be closed Sunday for the Ascension. Go Surfing!


Franco S. Boroughs said...

im beginning to lose count of all the photos taken of willis in front of the HB sign.

Kyle said...

Uhh, this Sunday was Resurrection Sunday, not Ascension Sunday.

All that being said, you did post a fresh set of boards and an OE tag (looks like it was done by Kez5), so I'll let it slide.

Mick said...

Love the boards chaps... and sunshine! Happy days in Brooklyn.