Friday, December 3, 2010

With Pulp

A strange glow came over the shop late Wednesday afternoon just before dark and it seemed like the front rolled through with just enough time for the "clued in" surfer to pounce. Tuning the channel to Big Brother revealed the home front a bit disheveled for the camera while not too distant shores were vogueing harder than Anna Wintour.

Brass Monkey extraordinaire and NYC connoisseur Sam I Am flossing hard for the big screen where he can be seen grabbing super models into the back of vans and sippin' handsomely with an accompanying renegade firework celebration...

Other than directing low budget college films, amassing an impressive quiver, hobnobbing with the hob nobs, real estate investing, and possessing some unmarketable skills, from time to time he can be seen at local beaches participating in community service leading through example in how to properly navigate the green room. EV Representer!

On the shop front, new TSJ vol. 19 #6 is out, re-stock of 5mm 3 and 5 finger gloves, booties, squid lids and... Handplanes by Danny Hess along with swim fins from Da Fin. Board bag hassle free!

Peace & Aloha!

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