Thursday, December 16, 2010

Take off that crown, you've been robbed

It's been quiet down on River St. with this early season blast of cold air. The photo shoots have stopped, no music videos, just the dog walker keeping it real.  River St. did enjoy a sprucing up from some possible R.S.L.A. recruits...

On the shop front, a beautiful 6'8 Choice Pavel joined the racks. Top deck gloss, bottom deck sanded. Fully equipped with glassed on Larry Gephart bamboo fins. $800 steez!

For the nocturnal crowd, get your groove on at the East River Bar tonight with some positive vibrations from 10 -2 am....

 Petro is coming to town this Saturday (12/18) to drop off and pick up ding repairs. He will also be blessing the shop with two new proper shred sleds. Support the home grown!


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