Monday, December 20, 2010

What is Life?

Shout out to celestial Maggie. Home girl passed on the wiz that tonight is the winter solstice along with a lunar eclipse, which hasn't happened together since 1638! Must be why there were waves today. Posse was in effect on the coastal front. The phone has been ringing off the hook from the land of the rising sun as word travels fast about centerfold stars getting jetty to jetty tube rides. Proof is in the pudding...

Big Ups to Wolfy and the Holly Jolly Sabbath crew who hosted their annual holiday party of debauchery with a full Black Sabbath vinyl set all night, an upside down Christmas tree and unexpected pyrotechnics from Bubb's.
Pentagram by Maya Hayuk

Petro dropped off some kindness to the shop over the weekend...

6'2 Frocket... $old!

... and a "not you average 6'1 thruster" with glassed on fins. Wide point up forward giving way to a wider outline and extra volume distributed towards the nose of the board for better paddling and glide under the front foot. With a design like this, you can go shorter in length in bigger surf...

... some lightly used fare in the shop. 9'7" Christenson log jamz. $850.

On the shop front, R4 M and L back in stock. Xcel M Drylock back in stock along with M gloves and in demand size 10 booties.

<3 & Aloha!

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