Friday, April 16, 2010

Standoff, Stillsuit and a Swordfish Taco

NYHC legend and chef-operator Jules V. is giving ya'll a chance to be a 'real' Montauk 'local!' Check it...

'Looking for someone interested in renting a trailer in Montauk for June this year. See pics below, park is located on beach. We've spent many happy summers here, great location in Montauk and also within the (trailer) park. Clean, organized, has everything you need. Stroller, beach cruiser, kitchen stuff etc etc.

Rent for month is $4000 plus a utilities ($150.00) and a 200 fee to the board.

Email if you are interested or have any questions. And pass on to anyone you think might be. or call 718.781.6334'

Duran Duran and Gildaka Trent all types of tuff after they were asked to check their ties at the door. Ya'll still can't dress like me nor Jimi!

Duran Duran gettin/lookin wise while eatin a slice of La Nonna!

Chop Wood Carry Water crew reppin the Anderson Farberow pinnie and Mayo Soft-Tail after fotographing a yoga chick in flexed out positions near the window

Glenn scored a pre-Exchange BING b/c his peeps were lookin' out. Nice work Lucas, Krank and APC John...RESPECT!

'Tom Parrish, Gott Glassing, Laird...'

Jack Krank slicin a bar of Mrs. Palmers with a knife his lady gave him?

108 HA!