Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fine and Mellow

Happy Birthday Billie Holiday, much thanks and respect to you and lovers everywhere...

Maya Hayuk referencing The Bonnie Prince on the terrace

Tuff T in the area but always looking in

Barely USED 6'1 Bonzer-5 with glass on bamboozles ($650)

Kinda hype in line floater imported cheese

Ah spaghetti so what!?

Camaro LIVE ON LINE with a bag of mushrooms in his lap and reflective s/p

Couple fotos taken by Josh Goetz of Petro Faktion who shreds in a similar goofy foot fashion...

Petro reflecting down inna Nica

Backdooring the only way in, 'he didn't catch the wave...'

Petro blazing again

Tuff respect to ConsafosKirk a true believer and always looking out. Been around longer than many of us have been WELL! What up GUY?


Kyle said...

Dutch, how's the ink flowin?

ShipwormAndGribble said...

dried up misplaced, ain't the devil happy?