Monday, April 5, 2010

Event Planing

Spring is here and so is the Mollusk Brooklyn Board Exchange! Mad people/boards coming out of the wood-work, first in a series yo...

Couple of second-hand boards to get you in the mood...

Barely USED 8'6 COOPERFISH HORNET, shaped by Gene ($1000)

USED 11' x 23 x 3 Christenson GLIDER ($OLD TO T.A.D.)

USED C. Hollingsworth-shaped 9'0 Hansen 50-50 ($OLD!)

The Infamous Easter Pizza as prepared by Signora (Nonna) Boros of Queens

Speaking of Grandma's, don't forget Driggs reps the ill pesto on theirs...

Florida expat acquainting

This anonymous gentleman excited to be featured on Shipworm&Gribble lost his stoke when realizing his friends and quite possibly wife would be reading. 6'0 Guru-quad, 'top 20 best boards in the shop,' yo...

Roped by 7

Webby and Logey inna HBagel Body style!

This time last year I was out east with Ty Williams and Bobby Kulisek. The waves were filth and a guy with a mustache got sent in. All month long baby!

Baron Wells heads, TW in Jams and....the Easter Bunny?

Locals sourcing

2010 NY Fish Fry(e), May 15th or 16th (whichever day has better waves) 9am at Lincoln BLVD in Long Beach. Rumors of shaping and surfing luminaries on hand, stay chuned HERE


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Diddutch, the liddink is briddoke.

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good link now and spelled out for ya'll just in case: