Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Those Cops Are Real

When I was a kid my Momz told me if I played hookie the Truancy Cops would come and get me. Gin Gee came by Monday, 'No school today?'...'I had a half day'...'For Election Day?'...'Yeah.'...'But isn't that Tuesday?'

Forever Jansport!

Scott from Serum sent this pic of Jake from Jersey, a friend of a friend now living in Santa Cruz. Holding It Down Avenue J style!


rocky said...

hilarious. that cop in the top photo doesn't look too stoked.

bubbie said...

Buttons...go to schooool!

Deepism said...

Hat's off to that kid trying to jedi-mind-trick the jake.

That Dom tribute is almost as ill as his legacy.

Fresh basil for everyone, Obama won!

Anonymous said...

"no, i'm in the chube"
classic. Struttin to the paddy wagon