Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parrish Time!

As if having Richard Brewer make us boards wasn't Holy enough, check out the Tom Parrish's JOJ from Maui! Gesamtkunst in full effect, these boards are total works of art and serious honor to have in haus. To learn more about TP read here

6'6 TP thruster

6'9 TP single $OLD to Saggins University!

7'1 TP thruster

7'7 TP single

Circa 1979 8'1 TP vintage single fin, period colors and all! Jeff Hakman would approve.

-Bustin Down The Door DVD's in stock!


franco said...

Shout out to bubbie, no one on the corner has swagger like thou.

Shout out to klm, as if anyone could kill time without injuring eternity.

Joey clams,my six figure saggin, dude so nice slayin bunnies in both cabins.

Ashton goggans, stay strong, stay writing, stay focused. Let's split a farm in rhode island.

Shout out to john schultze, puff cat and a pork pie hat, damn who else cheater fives a fish with style like that.

shout to all parties that make the ny sand special.

Shout out to the alphabet posses, Nypd, fdny,saggin university and the camaro posse. much respect.

Knuckles caiazzo, sharp tongue for a young buck.holler at me I'm hiring interns.

Last but not least bubba heyman, the man, the myth, the legend. And I thought puerto vallarta didn't break. Ha!

Franco S. Boroughs said...

shout out to blackpool, without you i never would have dipped my krispy kreme in bbq sauce!

John said...

Parrish, new the rocker #'s for Pipe. R.I.P. Taz.
Max Makanani, San Quentin