Friday, November 30, 2007

Vaqueros Arribaron!

New stash of Vaqueros De Las Olas shaped by Marc Andreini arrived this afternoon! All boards wrapped in volan and built to last. These are refined displacement hulls to be surfed forward or off the tail. Total Involvement in 2007!

Kustom for artworld darling Richard Phillips who also happens to be a damn solid surfer.

6'6" Vaquero con tinte claro

7'0" Vaquero con tinte banana (SOLD to Liz!)

7'6" Vaquero con tinte 'Chilly Willy' azul
Se Vende en Mollusk
210 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, Nueva York 11211

1 comment:

Nuno said...

Que bonitas! A 6'6'' é bastante interessante.