Thursday, November 29, 2007

Schmitt Stix Sale

Chris Millstein, drummer from Home/Jah Division and Kayrock screen-printer stopped by during his smoke break with these killer Schmitt Stix for sale. Thanks yo!

Schmitt Stix: Chris Miller mini (SOLD!)

Schmitt Stix: Chain Saw complete with Gullwing Trucks and Kryptonic wheels ($150)


Toddy said...

Man, I had this crazy dream the other night where I stopped by your place and tried out your new fangled triangle shaped skateboards with the three sets of trucks and office chair wheels. We seriously shredded that thing on an impossibly steep bank near the shop.

So, how are those prototypes coming along?

Shipworm&Gribble said...

shiz yo that's some trippy shiz yo. prototype shom groms? had templated a broken chris miller mini exactly like the one found earlier in the week so i'm effin stoked. stay chuned. btw, the completes should be shreddable this week