Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanks and Sorry

The four boards that lasted four hours. Left to right: 6'7", Garro, 6'3", Local Dave, 6'5" (Pale-Rider), Mike Frankenbonzer and the 6'9".

An assortment of Finelines scheduled to arrive this arvo and Andreini's on Friday!

Litmus and Glass Love back in stock.

New Surfers Journal too (Volume 16, Number 6) which has a Danny Hess piece and a rad fin-less surfing article with Hynd, Wegener and others.
Club Mollusca after hours...
210 Kent Ave
BK, NY 11211


F David said...

rooooaaaarrrr!!!...still mad but getting over it at this point. ; )
BTW: Thanks for the Andreini pics post!!

Shipworm&Gribble said...

fdavid, mr. frankenbonzer brought in his 6'3" 5fin which he's selling used. stop by tomorrow, it's in mint condition

Jennifer said...

sweet sticks! I pawed a few of them a few weeks ago at the moonbase and was going to write love notes all over the packaging on the ones that were wrapped up but I was too stoked to get my own new ride into the Pacific. Cool to see MM is doing the good work, best of luck on your continued success. -jen from jersey