Wednesday, January 12, 2011

With Opera for Dessert

This winter waveless bummerland has continued. Something about the jet stream...

Even Big Brother has shorted out. Better call a community service outreach program...

International Ty sent this over summing things up succinctly. In the words of Papa Burl...

On a brighter note, cozy up to this diddy done by Cy Sutton over at on Mollusk homeboy Tyrone Williams. I think you better call Tyrone....(call him)... and tell him I said come on.

** Petro will be back again for any ding repairs**


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decembersnowskates said... has been good for resort and sidecountry snowskating... If u surf you'll love snowskating.. It's like surfing on a snowboard with no bindings.. Or something like that... Great cure for winter flat spells!!