Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For all ya'll culture vultures out there, class is in session! Mollusk NYC just received a few copies of the underground cult classic Sun Waves & Flowing Free from east end legend Joe Alber. Both are definitive bodies of surf history from Alber that represent a bygone era in surfing.  Most notably in the film, is international playboy Rick Rasmussen who can be seen pulling into wedgy lefts off a Hampton's jetty and trading waves with Shaun Tompson at Rocky Point. Rick's name still rings through the surf world today even after his passing as a result of his globetrotting exploits in the 70's while  at the same time holding the crown as one of the best surfer's of the era. Along with Raz is NY jetty standouts such as Michael Schermeyer, the late Eric Penny, Joe Fuchs, Tyler Calloway, Luke Moore, Brendon & Bill McGill, and Johnny Matthews. Alber also throws into the mix surfing from Ken Bradshaw, Buttons, Michael Ho, Larry Bertleman, Margo Oberg, and Rat Race. Sun Waves & Flowing Free were shot on eastern Long Island, Hawaii, Barbados, and Puerto Rico.

Frame Grabs from the flicks....

For ya'll roots radicals tonight is Tuff Tuesday at the Cove. Word on the street is that there might be a extra special KLM guest appearance to warm it up. Warm it up Kane! Warm it up!


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full pipes and rasmussen..killer