Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pleasure of the Text Message

Been on a surf bender, apologies for the lack of posting. Maxed out the foto storage too and need to sort out a better system. Sorry Bobby K!

Couple of barely used Andreini Vaqueros came thru this week, a beautiful 6'4 clear-sanded ridden once ($550) and Coastguard Gavin's 7'11 '70's lite yellow' pintail
($650). Both boards come with fins and surf insanely well around here even though hulls don't work.

In other used board news, CT-Brent dropped the price on the his remaining Mandala's; the 5'9 green single fin stub is now $300 and 5'6 'milky cafe' quad fish, $OLD! Ridiculous boards at a ridiculous price.

Strangely, the 5'5 CI quad fishcuit is still holding on at $450, patiently awaiting that special shredder. Same with the 6'3 'Franco Pink' Evolution thruster apparently shaped by Wayne F'in Lynch, for an econo-$650.


-More Rainbow/Pavel's up in the haus, a wicked 6'8 long quad inna Dutch Orange, a pale blue 7'0 quad and a clear 6'8 quad. Still have Creek Fish: 5'7, 6'5 and a clear sanded 5'10 speed dialer. Get more follow thru in ya turns!

-A box of Finelines came in last nite but most are already spoken for except a clear sanded 7'10 Fineline single fin shred egg. A matter of style yo.

Huey is here, enjoy...


Bubba said...

Where's the pictures, yo?

Mr. Lentini said...

even though hulls dont work

great line

Deepism said...

Fo Sho, nix the shreads and pump the threads. More flikage son!!!