Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rain Parade

7'10 Fineline Micro Ant II, a most user-friendly hull with belly up front, pinched rails and hips out the back for additional steering. Popular amongst the Breakfast Club and rockers alike.

Peabox sent this one from an island on the island

Ya never know who's gonna roll by and start pullin boards

Like these bagels

Former boogie-boarder Chef Ryan couldn't resist the 6'0 VaqStub's hi-shred propensity

Speaking of which, FM shredded his Faktion so hard he bust his stick...

6'5 Bulkley roundtail re-up...booyahckas!

For Rusty and Pavel

Get Barrelled!

Mr. Frey brought this German vid made The German to our attention

1 comment:

Deepism said...

Funny Canyon reference.

BTW, the chick has crabs. I know her.