Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Just Wanna See Her In A Dress

Handsome devil and Vanity Fair centerfold Johnny HA came in with his Mom's credit card and got Back to School Hard Body!

-Lined canvas hoody (thugged out version)
-Buckshot flannel
-Stormfront waterproof pack
-R2 short-sleeve fullsuit (ultimate comp wetsuit, throw on boots and shred like Anthony Ruffo)
#Two Birds Fly mini-skate fits perfectly in ya locker or GF's Hermes bag
#Costalot sunglasses for the 24/7 playah
#Da Fin for that midnight swim across the River

-Surfers and Stormriders Guides for geography/culture and Pipe Dreams for World Champ charm and tallied heat mathematics..

Thanks Mom!

Speaking of Moms, Post Grom Rob Kulisek is selling his bug

MA2 Neil on tour somewhere Up North

Late nites for the Bubster

Tin inna Mini Simmons style

Caracas Creek fish Shred Division!

Rain on the train

Jah Bless Sound System where big tings soon come!

The Boredoms et al have been practicing for BOADRUM 9 beneath the shop in the Monster Island basement so we hadda nix ITUNES this week due to The Sound. The cops came by twice but thankfully no one got bracelets. Here's Yamantaka in haus!