Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Too Far Gone

So I'd say on Shipworm & Gribble we have done a good job of not expressing and or hiding our Dane fever unlike most modern day surf media. However, today on his Marine Layered site he launched a video called Sperm Whale which has him ripping a Simmons -esque board in some pretty fun surf. Coincidentally, we got a batch of boards in from Hydrodynamica today also. I figure we no longer abstain and enjoy the fruits of Dane's surfing.

New boards from Hydrodynamica:
5'1 Larry Mabile Casper. $750.

 5'2 Larry Mabile Ghostbuster. $750.

 5'8 Hank Warner Simmons. $1000.

 5'10 Hank Warner Simmons. $1000.

 In from Fineline:
7'0 Egg. $775.

 7'2 Egg. $775.

 9'7 Newt. $875.

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