Friday, May 13, 2011

O Amor Em Paz

Weekend warriors, come one, come all. The Fish Fry will be Saturday morning 9:00 AM at stinkin' Lincoln Blvd in Long Beach, NY. The event will be televised by Surfline for those that can't make it and wish to view from the comfort of a desktop or laptop computer. Then following the Fry, Mollusk NYC and the R.S.L.A. will be hosting a BBQ on River St. at 8:00 PM. Surfy projections and cupped beverages.

J.O.J. - 8'1 Fineline PHD - $875

6'7 Fineline Little Red Hot - $750

 And a 12 pack for collateral will suffice...

6'3 Fineline 2+1 - Demo!!!

6'0 Anderson / Farberow Slide and Glide - Demo!!!

... for those not in the Metropolitan area, big up's to two Mollusk homeboys, Alberto & Bennet who are having a show this evening in SF.  Get Em' Daddy!!!


The Wide World said...

alas, couldn't make it, who is in the pic of the little red hot board;-)

Kris Chatterson said...

The 6'3" 2+1 Fineline is a magic board. Highly recommended! By far the best ride of the day at the Fish Fry.

El Meezy said...

Say hey.

Hilbers told me to take a gander at the Little Red Hot but he hasn't given me the rundown as to what makes it tick.

What kind of dimensions are happenin' there?