Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The White Pony

Without a doubt the most cruised board in the shop. By that I mean whether it is a first timer to Mollusk or a neighborhood regular the Hydrodynamica White Pony is always given a once over by the eye, a hand ran up and down the rail, held under the arm, and questioned "does this thing really work?" It is a peculiar shape and even touches upon the avant garde in surfboard design. Maybe it's a board so ahead of it's time it cannot be fully appreciated in a contemporary context, and only years later will it have a greater appreciation. So for all of you that have ever eyed the White Pony and questioned its seafaring merit, I dedicate this clip to you found over on RT's blog Warbles in an apropos post "What Really Constitutes a Hi-Performance Surfboard?" Proof seems to be in the pudding. For as many times as I have tried to describe the board, it can't even touch the words and surfing done by Ryan Burch in the clip Tweakin'.

EXCERPT #1 from TWEAKIN' on BOARDS with RYAN BURCH from R.T. on Vimeo.