Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Kandy Hassler

This Saturday! View some of the art HERE

9'8 Floating Sidewalk ($1390)

KB 6'3 Archie's Left shaped by Rusty ($875)

KB 5'9 Fish ($885)

KB 5'7 Fish ($885)

KB 5'10 Twin Pin ($OLD TO PETER DOUBLE-U!)

JOSH HALL's Slide The Glide HB steez!

7'6 2-Plus-1 shred egg as spotted by Eldos when not spotting Teamsters in LIC ($950)

6'2 JH Quad Egg ($935)

6'0 JH 'Real Deal' Keel w/glass on Daniel Partch fins ($985)

5'10 JH 'Real Deal' Keel w/glass on DP fins ($985)

The Militant One and Hess thruster. PROPER SHRED!

JRooneyFDNY never stops re-searching! Good look on the Waikiki Beach Patrol pic

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