Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Keep Sweatin The Tech

FISH FRY(E) NY THIS WEEKEND! Saturday or Sunday depending on which day is less flat, check back here Thursday May 13th for 'The Call.'

Fish Taco Cookoff at the Shop Saturday, 5pm! Tix are selling quick, call the shop with a CC or stop by with cash...

A wave for Dads

Hard Body happens more than just one day a week on River Street. Hard to go wrong with Marc Andreini!

Do Glass and 6'1 Faktion single fin shredder

Uncle HA and that 6'0 twin we had hidden above the door

This Bumble Bee was here for much too long, thankfully this gentleman knows what'sup!

Canvas can't front on Concrete

Calling from Japan?


J. Natuzzi said...

Translation of iphone:

Thank you for today. I will contact you soon.

Thank you for today. Please set up the karaoke showdown.

Omaewa dareda?

Toddy said...

Oh man, that's the Andreini that I was loving on!

Tried to steal from under Antonio's nose, and it got taken out from under mine.