Monday, February 13, 2012

Hello and Goodby

Hello everyone. Apologies for the temporary disappearance of  Shipworm.
Shipworm and Gribble will remain as an archive for all to dig through and remember the glory days down on River st.

If you're looking for Mike "Dutchie" Machemer follow his new blog here:

For our friends at Mollusk Surf Shop go here:
Mollusk Surf Shop

and for our new shop Pilgrim Surf + Supply go here:
Pilgrim Surf + Supply


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Here's our new location on North 3rd and Wythe
The shed went up yesterday...
Old Facade down today..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sentimental in the Shorey

Hello friends

After 4 years of good times and shenanigans down on River St. we'll be closing our doors tomorrow September 29th at 8pm.
Swing buy to say one last goodbye to our beloved little space before it becomes a pile of rubble and a memory.


We will be reopening at our NEW LOCATION in late October / early November
located at 68 North 3rd St. Williamsburg Brooklyn. (Corner of North 3rd and Wythe Ave)
Keep checking our blog for updates on our renovation and opening day...and of course our grand opening party!
For any inquiries or questions we can still be reached at our email address.

Thanks to all of you for your amazing friendship and continued support! We'll miss you Monster Island!

Keep it Hard Body!

....a few nice pieces to set the mood.

 In the begining..

 Jay Boy's ride

 Sweet Cheeks

 when he got his name...Clams

 One of the many Magic Moments.
TC and friends play on the dock.

 Silverio always hooking up the coco ices!!

 Trefz and Joey Curren smooth talking the 
90th precinct

 Yes. TC as in Tom Curren!!

This will be missed dearly!


 Ya hurd!

 Easter Eggs

Hardbody Soul

Making stuffies in the Clams Casino!

 Welcome to Brooklyn...enjoy the sunset and this $100
trespassing ticket. RIP ZINGER TO THE RESCUE!!

 HOLLA-HIDE streetplant assist
(from the In-store skate sesh series)

KLM Hawaii

 Local POM shaper and all around Gent
Mark E.



The Champ schooling us on how to
throw a proper relaxed
Hawaiian Shaka

 Dutchie schooling us on how to
throw a proper unrelaxed Hard Body 
Brooklyn Shaka


Art is a boy's name

Terrence Launch
 Serious in the Casino


this guy amps up to 11 supposedly

 Manny classic moments



Nothing but class

 OG quiver

 Joe C. opening day

 Thread screening..opening night

 Chris M. press

 River street skate rehab!

Apartment shapers rule!!

Coach Kessler...
"This is how you powerslide sizzle chest!!"

Dutchie..symmetrical execution!

Youth of Today

 Keeping it in the family
Clams always carrying a nice roll.

 Don't BRO him if you Didn't KNOW HIM!

 RK the professor. Without him
you wouldn;t know shit about 
this Pizza box he's holding

 Schultz shreds on anything..

 Schultz shreds on anything..

Swedish  folks eat DVD's for breakfast..

 you would Tyler...

 As Dutchie would say..."Who is HA!!"

Natas..setting River St afire
and the politest human being on earth
2nd only to Chris Mosier

 VBS man and part time ZZ-Top cover band Member
Jake the Snake getting outfitted.


moose always hand jiving..

 arts and crafts...

Bonzer Master Malcolm Campbell

 Soon to be Papa,  Peter Happer

Plant care specialist and Henry Miller devotee HF

Gil...Bonzer Solo

 Manchild learned early on that 
Franco is a cash only kind of guy..

 Johnny Moto gets best ding repair  business award


 Brothers Marshall never disappoint..

Good Times sold here!


 In Stores rule!

 ...another happy customer

Fans of style

..welcoming and helpful staff

River st golden hours are amazing

 Another fine piece from Petro

 ...another golden hour moment


Susannah Ray!!

 ..more in-store skate jams..flat file slides

Local Dave aka Local HA

 Real surfboards by Tom Parrish

 Clams and the Mini Guinea to the rescue!

 KLM..know for his mad style!

Legend from down under...Joe Larkin

 AK Twin relic...

 That's right..everyday on this sand bar!

Trace.. "don't sweat the technique Moose!"


 Creepers and Lurkers...
all welcome on River St..

 High Design

 Twins that shred!

 Shop Grom getting flipped

 ...Glass on or removable....

 look who got caught dipping into the cookie jar? Adam Camaro

 the softer side of Kess

 a pregnant Ty

Little Wings' sidewalk shrelper!

 Buff it kook!

 Cups and Geologist 

 FloriDALE with the Drifter

 Hess would go!

 Little Meow..RIP

 Manchild smelling the foam

 Luiz knows his Fleetwood Mac..

 China Ty tail wafting off the dock
on a hand shaped bodyboard!!

 Serious Irie Vibes

 Trent taking them down one by one...

 A favorite staff tint..

 ..You guys always get this dressed up for lunch? 

 we miss this ball buster heavily

 Freshin' up Bobby K!!

 Zack won't stand for this aggression man..

Neither will Trent

 Cups making use of the curb cut...

 ..this guy found the urine recycling center
across the street from the shop 

Stevie White!! 
MTK respect!

 Wise choice Tyler...

 RK never leaves home without it!